What is Data Entry Job?

What do you think about data entry job? What  actually a data entry job is? You might have heard this term online or word of mouth from your friends or relatives. Before this article you already might have got an idea that data entry job is a job in which you can earn money by typing.

But this knowledge is not sufficient.I am sure you might  be curious to know how to make money by typing. There might be a lot more questions that are now stuck into your mind, Such as – What kind of data entry job, Do I need to pay for the job, how much time I have to give for this job to make decent money, What are the skills required etc.. These are some of the question that you might be interested in. So let me tell you here, that all your queries will be solved in this article. I will tell you each and every thing I know about data entry jobs, So that it will help you when you actually join any data entry job providing companies.

So let us start with what actually a data entry job is all about. Below I will different things about data entry jobs in form of Questions and answers plus some extra points to make this topic more clear.

FAQ’s on Data entry jobs

data entry job

Data Entry Jobs

From the term you already might have got an idea that data entry jobs is related to typing work. Yes, it is. In a data entry job, you are provided data in terms of text, sound, images, Videos and you have put this data into text format as per the instructions. For example, You are provided with An image and the instruction is to fill out the image information in the blank form they provide you.

Let us take one more example-  Let suppose you are provided with some audio is provided to you  and you have to listen it and type it down. These are some of the examples.So data entry job is to take different information in different format and provide it into text format. I hope by now you must have understood what data entry job is.

How much time do you need to give to make decent income?

If you are thinking to do this job as part time then you must at least work from 2 to 4 hours a day.And if you are thinking to do this job then you must work at least from 8 to 10 hours.

Where to find data entry job providing companies?

You can find hell lot of companies and websites that provide data entry jobs to people who are interested to do. All you need to do is Open Google and search terms like “ Data entry jobs” or “Data entry jobs online”.

Can I do this job as a part time?

If you are a working person of 9 to 5 then you can do this job after your office timings. You need to give at least 2 hours a day to earn some extra money from this job.

How much money I can make with data entry job?

It totally depends on how you work. I can give you two main aspects that can define how much you can earn.

1. Work time –

First is how much time are you ready to give per day.

2. Typing speed –

Second is what is your typing speed. If you typing speed is good you can do a lot of work in less time and can make more money in less time.

What are the basic skill requirements?

You already know that data entry jobs is a work of typing so there are some basic requirements that you should have. And these requirements are not necessary but to do this job wisely these are very important.

Basic skill Requirement

High Keystrokes Per Minute (KPM) –

High keystrokes per minute means your typing speed that means in how much time you can type words. So your typing speed should be good. So that you finish good amount of given work in less time. Else if your typing speed is not good you will take a lot of time to complete a few task and this will not make much money for you.

Accuracy –

This is one of the most important requirement. The work which is given to you to type in should be accurate because the information you type in are used for some purposes.

Quick Reflexes ( Responses) –

Typing is very important but one thing that is also equally important that is quick reflexes or can say you quick responses. As we know that you are provides some data to type in. So if your reflexes are good, you can even save some more time. That means in less time you do a lot of tasks to make good income.

What are the types of data entry jobs?

Broadly categorized, data entry job is can of two types –

Types of data entry jobs -

From home –

This is a most favorable for you as you can do this job as a part time from home to earn some extra money. There are many websites that provide this kinds of j0bs to interested people. So you need to join these sites and start working.

From Office –

You can also find companies where you can join in and they will provide you work. But the only problem is that you have to do normal job of 9 t0 5 from office.

Conclusion -

These are some of the information about data entry jobs. I hope this article will help you about knowing better what actually is a data entry job. If you have more query you can discuss it with in the comment section.

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