My 2 Big Mistakes in Blogging Will Teach You How to Blog Better.

Blogging is a field , where nobody comes perfect from the start.All bloggers do get a lot of troubles while blogging. They do a lot of mistakes. But I believe we are making a path towards success by making mistakes.

Making mistakes is not a bad thing for which one should  stop themselves from going further.We all do a lot of mistakes in blogging and also in our life. But we should not stop ourselves , instead we should learn from our mistakes so that we will not repeat that mistake again.Even lot of bloggers or e-entrepreneurs had done a lot of big blunders in their initial stage of blogging.But they are successful today because they learn from their mistakes and never repeat that.

Sometimes you learn from others mistake.Like today, I am sharing two of my mistakes or can say bad experiences to help you and to make you aware so that you don’t do this mistake and you can learn from my mistakes.

The reason of revealing my mistakes is that I have seen a lot of bloggers talk only about what they should do .For example – tips to this , Steps to this etc.. But they never share what other’s should not do. I have seen very few bloggers who share there mistakes.

Another reason of sharing these mistakes is because we generally neglect a lot of things even after reading important things but when we see real examples then we actually start thinking on those things.

So today I am not sharing any new thing , which you have never heard before. I am sharing only my experiences on the things which even I have heard a lot of times but never worked on them.

My two big mistakes and lessons in blogging to blog better

Mistake 1

Lets start , you might have heard  and read a lot of times from a lot of people that load time of a site is very important but how many of you have taken it seriously . I hope you all had taken it seriously . If not then you are doing a mistake which I have done.

At present I am running many blogs. So this was an experience of one of my authority site. Some months back it was hard for me to get traffic.But with all my hard work I got my graph increasing but it was very slowly and gradually increasing. Still still traffic was not that much which I was expecting. I used to do all natural activities and quality was my prior interest.I was making good backlinks for authority sites. But with doing all ethical things that can increase traffic result was not improving.

One night I remember it was around  11 o clock in my watch  and suddenly without any reason I started checking my load time and speed of my site from “”. I was amazed to see it was showing 6 or 7 seconds. It really surprised me because I never checked my load speed. So I thought to improve it at that time only. I started researching how to improve speed and load time of a blog.After taking one hour I collected a lot of things to improve my blog speed.So at around 1 o clock , I took all measures and checked my site again to see how much time it is taking to load. Now it was very fast. It took only 1.23 sec to load and my site was very fast.I was very happy to see the results.

But my story is yet not completed. In the morning I was checking my Analytics report which I generally do at 10 o clock. I was amazed to see traffic which was coming to my site. It was like some miracle. In one night my graph was like touching skies. The traffic and visitors was coming that I have never experienced before.

My traffic was almost double from last day. Below you can see the screenshot of my Google analytics report of that month and that day.

analytics report - blog loading time and speed Results

You can see the difference. My graph was almost on a halt (straight graph) , no improvement at all. But at June 23 it almost got double of what I was getting.

But when traffic increased , you can expect one more thing to increase. Yes , that is earnings. My earnings also got increased and it also got almost double ( I was monetizing my blog with Google Adsense.) So I was making double of money from last some months.

This drastic change I have never seen before.You can say this as over night results LOL.

Lesson – Speed of your site that is loading time is important if you want to rank in search engine . When I saw my traffic increase I checked my articles SERP’s and they have been to first page who all were in second page and some keyword targeted articles even took first page in first position.

Google wants to give better results in search engine. It think about readers comfort.Think logically , if your site takes a lot of time to load then it can irritate your readers/visitors. Which Google don’t like . So it does not rank those sites or articles which take time to load or are very slow.

I hope now you will take this seriously and hope to see you growing your traffic by this from search engine.

Mistake 2

Second mistake almost ruined my all organic traffic coming from search engine.You might have heard about consistency and frequent updates on blog.But are you consistent in blogging . If not ,time to think again .

This is my second experience .On the same blog from past 1 and half month I was not active. I thought the traffic will remain same. So I started working on my other blogs and pending works. I didn’t updated my blog for almost 35 days , neither I worked on my off-page SEO. My graph gradually decreased to very low.You can see my screenshot of my Google analytics report.

analytics report - inconsistency in blogging results

So you can see ,due to inconsistent or can say inactiveness dropped my all earned traffic which was from search engine ( organic traffic). I am still not worried much about it because this was a mistake from which I have learned a lesson also I am getting good traffic on my other blogsWinking smile.

Lesson – Be consistent in blogging. Update your blog as much as you can. In my case I was busy with other blogs but the mistake I had done is that I even not published a single article or didn’t work on back-linking.

So if you ever trap in this situation , you must hire a freelance writer so that he can update your blog few times a month and with this your traffic will not drop down.

Conclusion –

I hope you must have learned something from my experiences and mistakes. If you have any query to ask on the topic or want to share you can comment below.

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  1. It’s good to see how you increased the traffic by reducing the load time, if you can explain the whole thing with a tutorial then it would be fantastic
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