Krishna Karpal – Find out Krishna Karpal is a Scam or Genuine

Krishna karpal is the name that you must have seen almost every where on internet.You might have read a title tag “ I make 250$ per day” or “ I make more than 4000$ to 7000$ per month working from home or  krishna karpal  makes Rs. 14,000 every day working part time from home with a picture in which you can find a lady with a kid.

How many of you have seen these kind of ads on internet?

I am sure most of you. You might have seen the ads around sidebar of the site , you might have scene the ads on pop-up (that means suddenly a box opens containing the ads on the screen ), you also might have scene the ads in the article or may be header of the site ( at the top).

Lets see how the ads are showing on internet.

Krishna karpal fake ads on internet

These are some of the ads you might have seen while surfing on internet.So as you can say these ads are focusing on telling people that “ A housewife or a mom  named krishna karpal ,making huge money from home with very less efforts and also very easily”.

Friends let me ask you , its not my work its my responsibility to ask you a question here.

Do you think getting money is easy in todays world? or if someone say “hey I make money very easily”.  Is that possible. I think most of you might have understood what I am trying to say.

To achieve something in life is not easy , to achieve something you have to do a lot of hard work with many other things . Nothing comes easily in hand you have to work hard to get it , it’s the rule of life.And when you find statement like what you have seen on these ads you should definitely think twice about it. So from here you might be clear if not then let me make it clear for you.

Krishna Karpal is a scam …………………..

Yes , with no doubt in mind krishna karpal is a big scam which have already fooled a lot of people. By creating a hype over internet that they will make you huge money in dollars and that also VERY EASILY they have attracted a lot of people by these ads and most of them are fooled because they have trusted blindfolded on them.

Now see why people trust very easily without thinking.

Some reasons  why some people are easy target of these kinds of scam……..

  • They all need easy money for which they don’t have to work hard.
  • They want to make money sitting at home.
  • They want not satisfactory money they want huge money.
  • Some people are tired of jobs so they want to work from home.
  • They think of only money that makes them blind of thinking how it will work.

So these are few of the reasons people get fooled by these scams.It is only because of these main reasons.

Now here I want to say that “Making huge money from home on internet is possible and I can say it with full confidence (as I am into the industry from years ) but it is not easy and not something like these ads show that making money is easy.

So always make it in mind that making on internet is possible but it requires a lot of things like  hardwork , dedication , consistency , patience etc.. So never believe on people who say I ill make you huge money on internet very easily these all are scam and are there to fool you.

Now you might be thinking this is not fully justified to say that Krishna Karpal is a scam. So now let me tell you little more about it and you only decide what it is “ Krishna karpal is a scam or Genuine”.

Reasons why Krishna Karpal is a scam.

1.Different name over the world but they are same.

Yes , Krisna karpal is not any one who actually exist. It is a pure fake name used for these ads in India and the same way different name for same purpose is used for different countries like –

Li Tan For singapore
Melissa Johnson for Singapore , Canada , USA
Krishna Karpal for India.

People who are from India and who have clicked on this ads will have been redirected to one page that shows that this lady really make huge money working from home.Same way from other contries goes to a same look a like page with different name.

Here are some of the pages that opens after you click on them ( from different countries)

  • Melissa Johnson from Chicago at
  • Melissa Johnson from London at
  • Melissa Johnson from Canada at
  • Li Tan from Bedok at

Just open these links and see how they are same just names are changed.Even some of them are closed now.

2. Fake cheque – Cheque detials are same but name is different.

Now see how they fool people. First of all when you see the cheque you can find out easily that it looks very fake.Lets have a look how the cheque details are same but name is different.

This check is on name of Melissa Johnson

Krishna karpal Fake cheques

This cheque is on name of Krishna Karpal

Melissa johnsone or Krishna karpal Fake cheques

Now what is left to show that these are fake people , you can compare yourself how they are fake.

3.Fake site

Now open any of the links mentioned above and when the page opens you click on any of the links or buttons you will find that they are fake because there are no other pages than that. When you click on any button it will take you to the same page showing Krishna Karpal or Melissa Johnson making huge money. Go and try your self you will find it out how fake it is.

4.Fake profiles commenting are fake

You can find a lot of comments below that yes it really works , this lady “ Krishna Karparl “ have really helped me to earn huge money online working from home. This is all rubbish and fake comments to gain your confidence . Just read all the comments you will find out they are fake containing now profile pictures.

5.Different name same work with same pages

Li Tan  ,Melissa Johnson , Krishna Karpal. They all say same things making hype that the product they have took have really changed their life and helped them so much.

  • Work from home product at
  • The Colon Cleanse Weight lose Diet at
  • Wrinkle free skin product at

These are some of the things that makes me doubtful on trusting this kind of people.

Now let me tell you my main motive of writing this article. My main motive of writing this article is not to prove that these kinds of ads who are working behind these ads and scam are wrong but the person is wrong who trust on these kinds of people.

Friends here I must say that on internet you ill find a lot of people who are fake creating scams to make money from you not making money to you.So always remember ,don’t believe in people or organization who says that we will make you money very easily and fast.

Conclusion- Krishna Karpal is a scam or genuine

Krishna Karpal is a pure scam. So friends please be aware of such kind of scam like “Krishna karpal” or “Melissa johnson” on internet the reasons I shared above telling “ how people are easily targeted by these scams” please read those points again and be safe.

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