7 Tips to increase your Google Adsense Revenue massively by increasing CPC of Ads

How you are monetizing your blog? Is it Google Adsense? If it is , Are you making good money with it?or Are you tired of getting very less earning with it?The very common reason behind this is very “low CPC”.

Yes it is , I am sure a lot of bloggers are getting very low CPC due to which they are not able to increase their earnings. How you feel when you see your ads giving you CPC of .02 to .06$? I know you really don’t like this at all.But the true fact is that a lot of bloggers during their initial stage of blogging gets a very less CPC , including me.

In my initial days of blogging , My CPC was started with .02 to .12$ max. That was really unacceptable because it was the reason I was not earning much.But with time I have learned a lot of things that made me increase CPC and eventually I increased my earnings.

So in this article I will share a lot of things that I have learned and experienced that will make you increase your Google Adsense ads CPC. With also we will see how drastic change it can make to your earnings (with examples).

But before sharing some tips , we should first understand what CPC is and how CPC is defined for different nice/blog/site.

CPC – CPC means cost per click , that means when a visitor click on the ads you are showing on your blog you are paid by advertisers VIA your ad serving application/tool ( Google Adsense ).I hope you all know this.

So how actually your ads CPC is defined.

CPC  you get through your ads is defined by a lot of parameters which I have mentioned below. But the one who decide what the CPC should be are- advertisers. Advertisers decides what your CPC should be.

There are a lot of advertisers who compete with each other to show their ads on particular keywords or site.  Bidding takes place in Google Adwords tool where the Final CPC is defined for the keywords.

For now , I don’t want to go much in details about bidding and how actually takes place as it is part of Google Adwords. But  my main motive it to help you understand that there are a lot of factors on which CPC is defined by advertisers .If you want to know in details how this bidding and competition takes place you can see this video.

Bidding system to define CPC of ads

So now lets see how  CPC  of ads can make a drastic change in your earnings.

Let us understand this with some assumptions ,

Suppose you have a blog with
daily traffic of  2000 ,
you have a 2.5 CTR ,
CPC is low (.05$)

So your monthly income will be = 75$

Now when you increase your CPC to .30$ then your income comes out to be = 450$.

Can you imagine what your earning will be if you increase your CPC.

Now lets see some factors on which CPC depends. Below I have mentioned some of the factors. So ,by improving these factors you can increase your CPC.

7 Tips to increase CPC of Google Adsense Ads

increased adsense ads cpc

Choose high CPC keywords –

First you and foremost step is to choose keywords with high CPC in your articles.The CPC is defined on the content you have.

Now lets think  logically . The advertisers are bidding for the ads to show on your site or post/pages .They will not see what is your content and how it is written. They will fetch the keywords which you have used and on basis of which your Google Adsense ads CPC will be defined. So putting a high CPC keyword in your content can increase the CPC of your ads.

For example – “How to increase muscles size” is a keyword on which you are writing the article. But this keyword is paying you less CPC. On the other hand  , “Gain muscles size” is a keyword which is paying much higher CPC. Then you should use this keyword in your article . “How to gain muscles Size”.

So the great factor which define what CPC should be is the “ use ofKeywords” .

Increase competition ( Image/Text ads) –

Many people are in a myth that Image ads gives more CPC or some people think that text ads give high CPC. So they choose only text or image ads to show on their blog or site.

This is the reason they reduce their competition and hence reduce the possibilities to get higher CPC.

Now lets understand what is this competition which I am taking about.

When you choose only text ads. You allow only those advertisers who want to show text ads. So the  Advertisers compete with only Text ads , which reduces competition . Same thing happens when you choose only image ads, the competition reduces.

For example – Suppose there are only 5  advertisers who are bidding for text ads , 8 Advertisers bidding for Image ads, 4 advertisers who are bidding for both.

So when you choose only Text ads . The bidding competition will be only in 5 Advertisers. When you choose Image ads , the bidding competition will be in 8 advertisers.

But when you choose both image and text ads you are increasing the competition for advertisers to bid.Now the competition will be in 17 advertisers. So ultimately you will get a higher CPC for sure because a lot of advertisers you will get to bid.

Keyword Rich content –

As I said choose keywords that are giving high CPC. So you must use these keywords very wisely in your content.I don’t believe much in keyword stuffing but I am also not saying that you should not do this. You should stuff your good keywords in your content but it should not be excessive because Google don’t like this.

So you should place this keywords where they are naturally required to be used. You should not place the keyword anywhere to increase its density.

Length of the article -

Length of the article or your content should not be very less. I have seen and experienced that content rich sites generally get good CPC where as other sites get very low CPC. Sites which hardly have some content like e-commerce sites , Jobs sites which provide very less content. These sites get very less CPC.

So content length is very important. Here , I am not saying that you should forcefully increase the length of your content. This should not be done. Instead you should provide content in depth. Because when  you write a detailed and in depth article , it will automatically come out as a long article.

Site age and authority –

Yes site age is also very important with authority. I have noticed this in one of my authority site.When it was new it was getting very less CPC. But with time and authority CPC increased automatically.

Targeted Audience –

Yes , you need to target audience . Targeted audience not only increase your CPC but also increases your CTR as well. Because when you get targeted audience to your blog , you get more chances of those people to click your ads as they  are more relevant.

Niche Blog –

I think most of the issues with less earning will be solved by choosing a niche for your blog. Its from my personal experience that a niche blog always get high CPC then general blog. The main reason behind this is that advertisers are ready to pay higher for niche blog because they also get more profit from it as they get targeted traffic.Niche blog have other more advantages like high CTR , easy to rank on Search engine , targeted traffic etc..

Conclusion  – Tips to increase Google Adsense ads CPC.

These are some of the tips that can increase your earnings by increasing your Ads CPC. I also have some more advance tips to increase CPC and revenue which I am going to share in another article. For now , if you want to share or ask something , you can do it by commenting below.

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  1. hi there,
    thanks for the very informative article.
    Of all the points mentioned out there, the most important is building a niche site.
    It will surely increase the CPC rate as per the age of the domain.

  2. Thanks for sharing such nice tips this will surely help when i get approved adsense.

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  4. This is wonderful tips. I will try this tips to increase my adsense income. Thanks for your information :)

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