7 Different legitimate ways to make money online by writing articles( content writing)

Do you want to earn some money online ? Do you love to write articles ? Can you spend 2 hours a day to write articles? If the answer for all is yes , then this is the article you are looking for.

There are many people interested to work online to make  legitimate income. We all know that there are different ways to make money online and a lot of people & companies claim to give you work so that you can make money. In which many companies are fake and are proven to be a scam.These companies provide “quick money scam”.They ask you to invest some money into their companies project and they claim that they will make your money double or triple.At the end you loose up your money and in return you get nothing.

But it is not a case with content writing work. It is the most genuine work you can do online to earn money.Let me explain you how it works-

There are different platforms available that can make you earn money by writing articles. There different ways you can make money online by writing articles. There are two main ways to earn money with it –

  • Write articles for yourself
  • Provide articles to other

These are the two broad categorized ways you can earn money online by writing articles.Below I will show you different ways in both of these categories but before that let us discuss about internet that will help you know what is demand of content over internet.

Internet is a sea of content

You search for information online, you read different things online, you visit websites, you read e-books, etc.. From where all this stuff comes from. This is all content created by article writers.

Internet is a sea of content , everything over internet runs over content. Now, you can imagine what is the demand of content writer over internet. Internet is nothing without content. So, the scope of content writing will increase as internet is increasing.

You might have understood the demand of content writers over internet.So now , lets see what are different ways you can make money online working as a content writer by writing articles.

Ways to make money online working as a content writer


There are different ways to earn money by writing articles but below I have mentioned 6 legitimate ways with examples and sources.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best way to make money online.There are thousands of people online who are making their living out of their blogging income by working from home. You can now imagine how good it is to write articles on your blog and make money. For people who don’t know what is a blog and blogging then here is a small explanation for them.

Blog & blogging
Blogging is an online platform for people to share their views ,opinions , experiences and knowledge with other people. There are many ways to express these things . Some people use Videos , some people use podcast and some people use writing as a medium to express.

There are thousands of blogs you can find over internet. What ever the query you search in Google takes you to a website. But most of the websites are blogs written by bloggers.

How you can make money by writing articles as a blogger
There are many mediums to make money out of your blog by writing articles. When you own a blog with a lot of articles (content) , You can run advertisements on your blog that are ( private or by any ad network ). You can promote any affiliate programs , you can sell your own products , you can write reviews, etc..

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So there are many ways you can make money by blogging ( writing articles on your blog ). To make money out of your blog all you need to have is – Basic knowledge of blogging , how to setup a blog , Writing articles , Knowledge of SEO and online promotions. You can write articles as per your convince. You can give 2 hours day to 8 hours a day ( part time or full time ).

2. Submitting to web2.o Sites ( Squidoo & Hubpages )

This is a very good way to earn money online if you are thinking to write articles.Thousands of people are making a lot of money by submitting their articles in web 2.0 sites.

What are web2.0 sites?

Web2.0 Sites are dynamic sites which allow other people to share information ( content article ). Web 2.0 sites are also known as authority sites as they have huge authority in internet.These sites have huge audience and readers who daily visit these sites to read new articles.

How to make money by submitting articles to web2.0 sites?
Web 2.0 sites allows publisher ( content writer ) to submit articles as well as allows to run advertisements and affiliate promotions with those articles. So it is very simple , You write articles and submit it in web 2.0 sites with also displaying ads or you can promote affiliate products.

Advantages to submit your articles on web 2.0 sites is that they have a huge number of audience. If you submit a high quality article on these sites , you can get huge visibility to huge number of readers. Huge readers means , huge money.Winking smile

Hubpages and Squidoo are two websites which have huge authority on internet and also with huge number of readers. These two sites are very popular and a lot of content writers are making good money by submitting their articles on these sites.

3. Freelance writing

This is also one of the best way to make money by writing articles for others. Yes, you can work as a freelance writer by providing content to other people. The advantage of working as a freelancer is that you don’t have to work with any same people or company. You can write articles for any one as per your convenience. The minimum 4$ per article you can earn. There are many companies as well who pays 500$ also to good writer per article.

So as you grow writing articles and make your name in this industry then you can make good money and make living out your content writing career.

There are many sites available online that provide freelance writing work to content writer.Two of my most favorite are Freelancer.com and fiverr.com. I have used these sites and they are very genuine.There are a lot of freelancing people who are making good money by providing content to these sites.

4. Approach content providing companies

You can approach content providing companies to hire you for content writing. These content providing companies provides content to different people and companies. Many companies allows you to work from home. All you need to do is , you have to provide articles on time as per their requirements.

5. Guest Posting

Guest posting can make you less money and not also that easy. But, is one of the way to earn some money online by writing articles.There are many blog owners who pay money to other people for submitting their articles on the blog, which is know as guest posting. All you need to do is right high quality articles and submit as per rules and guidance of the blogs and earn money.

6. Writing Reviews

Writing reviews of product or services is one of the way. There are a lot of people who search to know how the product or services will be which are they planning to buy. So a people write reviews of the product and services ,which they have experienced or have knowledge. You can write reviews for your blog or you can submit on others blog.

7. Make e-books and sell

This is one the best way to make money out your written articles. In the first point I have mentioned about blogging. In which I have mentioned that you can make money by displaying ads or promoting affiliate products. But there is another way in which you can make  good money that is to sell your own products. There are a lot of people who make a lot of money by selling their products. You can make e-books on topics of which you have great knowledge and then you can promote it on your blog.

Conclusion -

Here I have shared some of the best ways you can make money by writing articles. Hope this article will help you. For any more details , you can ask by commenting below.

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